Exactly one year ago today I pushed publish on my first post and it has been quite a year! I was new to WordPress and new to blogging, but I felt the tug to share what was on my heart. That leap of faith has taken me on an amazing journey. I am so grateful for each of you that has come along with me. Your support, words of encouragement, critical eye and suggestions have made a tremendous difference and has helped me become a bonafide blogger!

Thank you for a great year 1!!!

The Beginning

The idea to blog and to host a vision board party came to me as my husband and I were heading to the Texas coast for a little post-Christmas rest and relaxation. I didn’t have a concept or a plan of any kind. My intention was to use some of that time to write and learn WordPress. However, two days later the blog was launched. That first article, From People Pleaser to Boundary Setter, was the first time that I started to document my journey and the work that I did to improve areas of my life that didn’t serve me. As you can imagine, it generated quite a bit of anxiety and self-doubt. I had no idea how it would be received.

Here we are a year later, and that first article became the catalyst to a podcast, book, YouTube channel and launch of a coaching and vision board hosting business. That article will be featured in Speak Up Sis Magazine on January 7, 2023. I did not know what I was starting, but I knew I had to start it. I share this with each of you because we all have passions and dreams that stick with us. We can become numb to them, but they never really go away.

What Are You Yet to Do?

If you have something that is tugging at you, give it your energy and attention. Doing so can open doors and present opportunities that you never imagined. That has been my experience. As I look back over the last twelve months, I am amazed and overjoyed.

The Numbers

For many the numbers are not important, but they do help me see the reach that I have had since I started. They also allow me to do something that most of us don’t do enough of, CELEBRATE!!! It excites me to see how many eyes have seen my writings and it gives me hope that I am in some way impacting someone. However, more important than the numbers is your feedback.

It is a consistent source of energy and motivation to write the next piece. Some of you reach out if you haven’t seen anything in a while. I am so grateful. I appreciate you and look forward to what the next year will bring. In the meantime, the other things that I have worked on are below. I hope that you will follow and get to know me better. I am very open to suggestions and requests as long as they align with the authentic expression of my experiences. If there is a topic that you would be curious to hear my take on, leave me a comment. Thanks again for a tremendous first year!

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