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There is Only One You

Your first and most important superpower is the uniqueness of thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions that come together to form the being that is you! There is no one else like you and only you can give the world what you were designed to give. Your presence is necessary. You fill a void and have a purpose that no one else can complete. You were created with gifts, talent, interests and passions that are the clues to your purpose. So what is your superpower that only you can provide?

Finding Your Purpose

At some point and time, we all wonder, “why am I here?” The good news that I have experienced is that everything that I have done and been through was all preparation. My life has been a culmination of mini purposes guiding and teaching me so that I was able to fulfill the current need. Hopefully, knowing that no experience is wasted as long as you learn from it, gives you some comfort as you continue to look for your purpose.

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To find it:

  1. Be still. In your quiet time, think about what really lights you up. What are you doing when you are happiest and most at peace? That’s a major clue.
  2. What are you naturally good at? Are there things that come easy? Some people are born with natural abilities like singing, working with their hands or math. Do other people trust you with their concerns? Are you a natural problem solver? Analize your natural abilities for more insight on what could be your purpose.
  3. What is your reputation? What are you known for among your family and friends? Sometimes those closest to us see our unique skills easier than we do. Listen for insight.
  4. Ask yourself, if there was nothing holding me back, what would I do?
  5. Look for an intersection between what brings you joy and what you are good at.
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As you ponder these questions and listen to people that you trust, ask yourself, what opportunity can I fill in this space? This is likely your purpose. You are uniquely positioned and prepared to fill this void. When you find it, you will experience a peace and calm even when things are not going as expected. You will also find yourself in a place where you experience ease and flow. People show up and lend their gifts and talents to your mission. Things just seem to work out.

Peace, ease and flow are great indicators that you are in alignment. You are operating within your purpose. Be honest with yourself about what you desire and stay open to your desires materializing. You have likely been operating within your purpose your entire life. It is likely so core to who you are that you do not recognize or haven’t optimized it. Take the time that you need and gain clarity. Then take the steps necessary to fuel your passion.

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