Write the vision, make it the plain…

M3 was developed with you in mind. I have experienced first-hand how debilitating the voice inside of your head can be. I am here to help you rewrite what it says, remove self-limiting beliefs, and get clear about the goals that will lead you to the life of your dreams. The services that I offer are below.

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Corporate Leadership Development

As a performance coach with over 20-year years’ experience in corporate America, I am here to help you or your team clearly define goals, develop a growth mindset and function as a high performing team. Book me for a goalsetting, leadership development or team building workshop.

Vision Board Parties

Vision boards provide a visual representation of your goals and dreams. However, there is work to do before the board can be created. Book me to help you get clear on your goals, development action plans and create vision boards to keep you inspired and moving towards the vision.

Coaching/Mentoring Services

Walking along side someone as they work through issues and concerns is at the heart of my coaching and mentoring service. I create a safe place to get to the core of the issue and develop a strategy to remediate it. The actual role that I play in this process depends on you and your needs. The mentor and coaching relationship are quite different. Let’s meet to discuss your needs and determine how I can best support you.


Best vision party ever! Your guiding hand was key to success. Thanks so very much.

— Carolyn Jackson

I couldn’t have asked for a better Host 🥰 . Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s so needed in the adult world. We as adults tend to lose ourselves in the day-to-day hustle.

– Shirley Harrison

This book was easy to read and understand. It made the process of creating a meaningful vision board simple and straightforward. I have avoided vision boards in the past because they seemed like kindergarten cut and paste activities that went on a wall but nothing was done. The questions in this book guided me to created something meaningful with specific goals that I can actually work with.

– Meta Brown

Cassandra has been my mentor and corporate coach for almost 10 years. In that time, she has groomed me to be an effective project manager and presenter and has boosted my confidence in my own abilities. Cassandra has a knack for meeting people where they are, identifying unique characteristics an individual possesses, and then models how that person can leverage those abilities. Cassandra is always available to me to discuss any topic, both personal and professional, and she always has a solution. I could not have made it to where I am in my career without her help. I truly view Cassandra as a God send in my life, I lovingly refer to her as my ‘corporate angel’, because that is the epidemy of what she has been for me.

— Kimberly Barnes

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