As the first week of 2023 draws to an end, many people are making plans for the new year. It’s a time filled with hope and expectation. It’s a clean slate where everything is possible if only for a little while.

Fresh Start

A Fleeting Feeling

Why is it so difficult to hold onto that feeling? The motivation and hopefulness seems to fade just as quickly as one day fades into the next. I believe that the wonderment of a new year quickly fades because we begin it focused on external desires instead of the internal work required to accomplish those desires.

The 6 Steps

One Step at a Time

The universe is abundant and we can have what we desire but not if we continue to do the same things. As the first Saturday of the new years nears a close, I offer theses six steps to achieving the life that you desire and move from resolutions to an abundant life style.

  • Get crystal clear on your desires – this is an important and soul searching step. It’s time to get clear about what is important to you. Knowing your “why” will keep you moving forward when you don’t feel like it, when you’re afraid, when others say that you can’t, when…
  • Write down everything that you want in painstaking detail – once you’re clear on what you want, it’s time to declare the details. Be as specific as possible and give yourself a deadline. The M3 Goal Setting Workbook will help you set goals in the many different aspects of your life and document your overall goals and action plans:
  • Commit to daily actions that drive you toward your goals – break your big goals into bite size chunks. Start with an annual goal, break it into quarters, then to monthly activities. Break the monthly activities down into weekly actions and the weekly actions into daily to do’s. Plan your work and work your plan. Little by little you will get there!
  • Take a quarterly assessment of how you’re doing – on a quarterly basis checkin with yourself and assess how things are going. Are you on track? Have any goals changed? Are any adjustments needed? Answering these questions and taking supporting steps will keep you on course.
  • Celebrate it ALL – we don’t lose. We either win or we learn. Both are to be celebrated. Take the lesson from every experience and use it to make you better, wiser and stronger.

Enjoy the Journey

We are all working towards something. What we are working towards could be internal or external. Either way it’s achievable if we are willing to honestly assess where we are and how we think. Once we know that, we work to make the adjustments necessary to achieve the life we desire. We will get there one step at a time. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey. The living is in the journey, not the destination.

Enjoy the Journey

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