I am in an extremely self-reflective space. I am aware of my thoughts, and I see my default reactions. While that is all good and points to self-awareness, it also was making me re-examine my thoughts and actions. What at first glance appeared to be self-awareness was my old nemesis self-doubt in disguise. She has learned during my journey to change her messaging just enough that I almost did not recognize her.

The word doubt is written with the letters ubt crossed out to signify not letting doubt stop you just do.
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She was using my words against me. I would have a negative thought, or a rough day and she would scold me. How can you write the things that you do and think like that? The seed was planted, and I was in a far too familiar place of doubting my authenticity and ability. But this time, thanks to a lot of internal work, the outlet of this blog and a really good therapist, instead of allowing the thoughts to stop me, I can triumphantly say, I am not a fraud, I am human! I am evolving and the process is not linear. Some days are better than others and that is to be expected.

Life is moving quickly. I learned of the death of a loved one while attending another family members baby shower. In that moment, I was confronted with both life and death. Life won. I put that dreadful news on hold to ensure that I did not disrupt the joy of the moment. That was hard, but it was the best that I could do with what I was experiencing. There are some aspects of my life that are going very well, while others are more difficult. This human experience is not easy, but in order to make the most of it, we must stay the course. We must consistently give our time and attention to what is important.

Why Not Today - there is no time like the present to get going on the things that make you happy
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Consistency is the only way that I will be able continue my evolution towards the person that I was created to be and have the life that I desire. I believe that to be true for each of us. Where your focus goes, your energy follows. What you put your energy into will grow. There are a few steps that we can take to stay the course. I need these steps as much as anyone else. I am off my exercise regimen and as a result, I do not feel as well as usual physically, mentally or emotionally. In order for us to stay consistent and get back to it if we veer off course, we can:

  1. Keep our eye on the course – recognize when we are off track and start again. Starting again is difficult. We spend cycles beating ourselves up or making excuses, when all we have to do is get back to the activity that was giving us the results that we are seeking. (Note to self: Go back to the gym!)
  2. Expect the return to be a little bumpy – do it anyway! Depending on what it is, there may be a bit of struggle on the return. I know that I cannot lift as much as before or run as long without a break. That reality is frustrating. I have two choices: 1) wallow in my frustration or 2) Go back to the gym!
  3. Focus on the outcome – remind yourself of why the activity is important to you. In my case, it is better physical and mental health. Find your “why” and keep it in the forefront of your mind. My why will get me moving when everything in me is saying stay in the bed.
  4. Prepare for the course correction.
    1. Book the class
    2. Layout the gym clothes
    3. Tell someone what your commitment is. An accountability partner is a huge asset. My husband and I work out together. I post pictures of my workouts regularly. It is obvious when I am not working out. Friends and family ask me all of the time if I’m still going to gym. They encourage me by saying things like they look forward to my posts because they motivate them. That encouragement goes a long way.
    4. Just get on with it – get that first day out of the way. You will be so glad that you did. Before you know it, you are back on track and enjoying the benefits.

I used my workout as an example, but in reality, it can be anything. Is there a course that you have been planning to take? A book you intend to write? Do you have the prayer life that you want? Are you still meditating? What activity feeds your soul and gives you joy? When was the last time that you did it? Do it! Make time for the things that make you better. All of those other things will be there, but how you show up to manage them improves if you stay the course and give yourself the fuel that you need to be the best version of you. There is no shame in drifting off course. Shame is a wasted emotion and happiness destroyer. Pick yourself up. Give yourself a little encouragement. You deserve it! Stay the course! I look forward to hearing what you are committed to and how you stay consistent. Leave it as a comment and gain an accountability partner. You’ve got this!

This image reads Time for Yourself and is a reminder to make space for you and give yourself what you need to be at your best.
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Consistency is the only way that I will be able continue my evolution towards the person that I was created to be and have the life that I desire.

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