Today is my dad’s birthday and yesterday was the anniversary of his passing. I am reflecting on him saying that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Your grass would be green too if you took care of it. There is a lot of wisdom in that sentiment. If we want something to grow, mature and reach its full potential, we must nurture it. It is true of our physical bodies, dreams and goals, relationships and anything that we wish to develop. Care and feeding are required for growth.


Like when flying, you must first secure yourself before taking care of others. This may sound selfish or self-centered, but you cannot give, what you do not have. Self-care can be the most self-less thing that you do. Consider it maintenance. Anything that runs, requires maintenance, routine care to ensure that it operates optimally and for as long as possible. We are no different. The better care that we give to ourselves, the better condition that we are in. The better our condition, the better we show up for ourselves, our loved ones, our careers, and whatever is important to us or requires our attention.

Change the narrative on self-care. It is important that you see its necessity and you deserving of it. It does no good to go through the motions of self-care only to be burdened with guilt or focused on your “to do” list. Learn from my granddaughter pictured below. Revel in it. Enjoy it to the fullest and allow yourself to escape into the pleasure of it so that you can emerge refreshed, renewed, and ready for whatever awaits you.

From Pampers to Pampered


I’ll always have his back.

Relationships, like the individual, require maintenance. Relationship maintenance can show up in many different ways:

  • shared experiences
    • planning a date night
    • planning a girls’/guys’ night out
    • traveling together
  • attentiveness
    • holding hands
    • listening actively
  • intimacy
    • planning one on one time
    • doing anything that makes you feel connected
  • acts of kindness/thoughtfulness
    • cooking a favorite meal
    • remembering special events and milestones
  • supporting each other’s dreams
    • affirming each other
    • picking up the slack to help the other reach his or her goals
    • providing a listening ear
    • motivating and supporting during the rough times – cheering them on
  • giving space
    • allowing guilt free time to think or create
    • being ok with not always being involved
  • gratitude
    • noticing and verbalizing the impact that someone has on your life
    • saying “thank you”

Dreams and Goals

Nurturing our dreams and goals is essential to our happiness. They represent hope and what we are working towards and looking forward to. In order to give our hopes and dreams the attention that they deserve, we must be clear about what they are. Many of mine are depicted on my vision board that I am holding below. Before creating the board, I did a lot of soul searching and reflecting to get clear on what those dreams and goals are. Goal awareness and setting are key. I have been working directly and through a guide that I wrote with many people to gain the clarity that they need to go for their dreams. If you need any help in that area, I’d be honored to help you via my guide,

What we focus on, we manifest. I take a lot of comfort in knowing that. I can choose my focus; therefore, I have a level of control over my day. I cannot control what will happen, but I can control how I will respond to what will happen. How I respond is dictated by my mindset. If I am focused on the negative, I can just about guarantee a negative response and outcome. If I focus on the positive or at least what I can learn from any situation, I can lessen the blow when things don’t unfold as I would have liked and be a little wiser from the experience.

Get clear about your desires. Set your focus on what you want and learn from all situations especially the difficult ones. You will open yourself up to so many more experiences. A lot of things are never tried for fear of failure. Don’t fear it, expect it when you are learning. It’s a part of the process and you’ll continue to learn and gain a new skill. As we approach a new season, challenge yourself to enter it with a new mindset that is open to learning and determined to water your grass in its many forms.

We Believe to Achieve!

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  1. Thus is very true. I like your grandfather’s analogy. Your perception in life will definitely change your status in life. So controlling your thoughts are important. Thanks for the words of wisdom also concerning relationship’s. Shalom

  2. How many was can I love this. I really needed the part about responding to things. I know I need to change the narrative in my head.

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