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6 Ways to Understand and Prevent Self-Sabotage

Discover how to embrace your hard-earned successes and avoid self-sabotage on your journey to lasting achievement. Dive into Manifesting Miracle Makers’ latest blog post, where we uncover actionable strategies to cultivate a positive mindset and safeguard against undermining your well-deserved success. From conquering imposter syndrome to nurturing self-compassion, learn how to strike a balance, confront the fear of success, and harness the power of support for enduring resilience. Join us on this transformative path towards unwavering success and fulfillment. Read more…

The Stages of Parenting

The Stages of Parenting

I am motivated by and focused on parenting this week because bright and early on a Friday morning my newest grandson was born. I was fortunate enough to be with my daughter throughout labor and delivery and even cut the cord. It was a blessed and sometimes overwhelming experience. There were times where I felt […] Read more…