Getting Serious About Manifestation

Some close friends and I began the new year with a vision board party that I hosted mostly virtually. I felt strongly that it should be done on January 1 at noon. There were some scheduling conflicts, but I kept the original date and time believing that who should be there would be there. There was a total of 8 of us and it was a wonderful experience. Each of us had different levels of experience with boards, but each lady contributed something impactful to the collective.

I began by explaining why I pulled us together. My words for 2022 are manifestation and intentionality. This year, if nothing else, I want to conquer my thoughts. I firmly believe that what we think and how we think has a profound impact on how we experience life. What we fixate on, we manifest. Manifestation in simple terms is to attract the things that you desire into your life. It is so much more than being positive. We can put a positive spin on things, but to manifest, we must actually believe what we are saying. Because I am so passionate about this, I wanted to share my thoughts with close friends and family.

Someone else shared about goal setting and how to set meaningful goals. Goals have to be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. I have heard this in so many management training classes. It was great to be able to take something that I know has been effective in my career and apply it in my personal life. After about 30 mins of conversation and planning, we were ready to begin. What many thought would be fun girl time and something a little crafty was so much more. We dug deep. We were transparent and at times emotional.

I was in awe of each person there as she shed her insecurities and poured her heart out before me. There were times where the only sounds were pages turning, scissors cutting and the occasional sniffing. Other times the virtual rooms were filled with laughter, deep conversation or lighthearted banter. As busy as each of these ladies were, we worked together for over three hours.

The idea was to become really clear about what each of us wanted to accomplish in the new year. A clear vision is the beginning of manifesting your desires. Each lady pondered where she would like to be and set goals for her family, career, health, finances, spirituality or whatever was important to her. We had prompts to help but it was a very individualized experience within the collective. We committed to the belief that if we could visualize it, we could have it.

The vision board is a powerful tool because it gives you a visual representation of your desires. It is important that you put it somewhere to ensure that you see it throughout your day. I hung mine in my office right across from my desk. Even when I am not consciously thinking about it, it is within my view. I allow myself to dream of myself in places and circumstances on my board. My brain does not know the difference between a daydream and reality. So, I have the luxury of creating the reality that I want over and over again until it materializes.

I Believe to Achieve

The ladies and I decided that we will have a call the first Saturday of each month, to support each other’s visions and celebrate our victories. I am excited to see our boards become realities in our lives. I will keep you posted!

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  1. Thank you so much for inspiring me to dream,learn and do more in 2022. You are a great leader /motivator and I appreciate you so much. God bless you and everything you touch! ♥️ ♥️

    1. Thank you my friend!!!

  2. Thank You for being such a huge motivator! This helped me wake up and get on the ball about dreaming, believing, speaking and receiving! May the blessings of God continually be upon you as you bless others. And yes you have blessed me! ♥️

    Your SIS in Christ,
    Lisa Riggins

  3. Deborah Thompkins Avatar
    Deborah Thompkins

    That’s “Aunt Deborah “

  4. Deborah Thompkins Avatar
    Deborah Thompkins

    So appreciated of my Niece Cassandra for Stepping Out on Faith and Walking into God’s Purpose for her. Cassandra led a Virtual Vision Board Class tonight with the SIS CONNECTION Bible Group. She was so Inspirational and Mottivating guiding us through a successful class. We are well on our way to Change, Growth and Manifestation thanks to her.
    Continue to Lead, Inspire and Motivate!!
    Love and Blessings Neice
    Ain’t Deborah 💞💞💞

    1. Thank you for being so committed to the process and sharing with us.

      1. Thank you so much Lisa. I know your cup runneth over but you still carved out time for us. You are much loved and appreciated.

  5. Starting the New Year with great intention!

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